Price list

Meditation retreat

We would like to involve you in the running of our centre, so we are introducing recommended prices of buddhist courses instead of fixed prices. Some other courses at our centre will be based on fixed prices (usually the middle one)

These are the options:

Minimum amount: 21 € person / night

  • choose this amount if it is the maximum you can afford at the moment.
  • according to this amount we will calculate the deposits for the courses.

Recommended amount 33 € person / night

  • Keep it around this amount if you feel that you have an average income.
  • The difference between the deposit and the price you would like to pay can be paid upon your arrival to the centre in cash.

Donation amount 40 € (and more) person / night

  • This or higher amount is for those who want to support our centre as well as other meditators. The upper limit depends only on your generosity.

Single room 45€ person/ night

  • We have double rooms. If you wish to be accommodated in a single room, you may apply for it in the booking form. After arrangement with us and if the capacity of the centre allows it, you might be given the single room. But we are doing the rooming list only after the booking is closed. Until then we do not guarantee single room to anyone. The price is fixed at 45€ in this case.

In reality it means that everyone will pay as much as they can afford. The total amount you pay for the course will depend on your generosity. Do we think this model is sustainable? Yes, we do and we believe so based on the following reasons:

  • Generosity is one of the basic features that Buddhists cultivate and therefore we want to build and support a community that develops this wholesome quality.
  • As lay people (unlike the monks) we do not have so many opportunities to meditate, and therefore cultivating generosity is a fundamental aspect of our practice. Our deeds affect our mind, therefore we want to give you opportunity to make the right decisions. Generous mind is relaxed, happy and content.
  • Teaching of Dhamma is given freely because it is considered priceless. Therefore, meditation centres all over the world function thanks to voluntary contributions. We believe that there are enough people in our country who will appreciate this intention and will support Javorie Meditation Centre so it can function in the long term.
  • Supporting Dhamma significantly improves kamma. Good kamma leads to good meditation. We would like to introduce to Javorie the atmosphere of free flowing generosity and understanding of the essence of spiritual practice. Optional prices could also support this, since a happy meditator equals good meditation.
  • Those of you who visited our centre know that we want to provide people with the best possible conditions for meditation. We would like to appeal to everyone who appreciates quality to participate in further development and progress of Javorie Meditation Centre.
  • Those who are richer and wealthier, with their higher contributions, can support meditation of those less wealthy, so that even students or retired people will be able to come for longer retreats.
  • We are convinced that generosity is not a question of culture only but it is a quality inherent to all of us. If you feel a part of the big Sangha family, if the teachings and meetings with Dhamma teachers have brought you benefits, if you have grasped the priceless value of Dhamma and the importance of generosity (Dana) and are inspired by altruism and the principle of giving, you surely understand our intention regarding recommended prices.

May your generosity benefit you in your practice! The more we give, the more we receive.

Do you wish to become a donor of Javorie Meditation Centre?

We will be pleased if Javorie becomes a bit more “yours” and therefore we want to offer you the opportunity to become a regular donor. That's why we're launching the Become a Donor of Javorie project. ( More information here > )


For persons practicing a meditation self-retreat we offer the basic price of 10 € per person per night. But this may change according to particular accommodation and season of the year. We reserve the right to appoint the suitable accommodation based specific situation. See the accommodation types.

Accommodation Summer Spring / Autumn Winter
Main building 10€ 10€ 10€
Small kuti 10€ - -
Kuti Viriya 10€ 15€ -
Kuti Viveka 10€ 10€ 10€
Kuti Pañña 15€ 15€ 20€