How to sign up for a course

Note, that you may book a course of your interest at various places of our website. You may find all of our courses by clicking on the Scheduled Courses section, (with a practical calendar and detailed information), including those without open booking. If you are interested in one of those courses you can ask for notification about opening the booking. The bottom bar of each site contains courses with opened booking.

It is just a few clicks:

  1. Click on the course you are interested in.
  2. Click on “Booking”.
  3. Choose what suits you best and click on either “Booking without registration” or “Registration”.
  4. Fill-in the booking form (if you had registered before, the form will appear with your data pre-filled and you just need to check and make relevant changes, if needed)
  5. Click on: “Complete booking”

With the last click that you made you have successfully booked the course of your choice. We would like to underscore that the booking becomes binding, once the advance payment has been made. The rest of the fee for the course will be paid upon your arrival to the Centre.

Certain courses are organized by befriended groups. In those instances, the course booking can be done only via their websites that you can find in the program of courses. We also would like to inform you that there are certain teachers who allow booking only for the full time of their course. Other teachers also allow signing up for the number of days you may choose. The signing up is usually ended one week before the beginning of the course.

Your signing up for a course will be followed by an email with the booking number and payment instructions. Please, upon transfer of your advance payment, remember to specify your booking number and your name for us to be able to identify your payment.

Why to register (Login)?

People can sign up for respective courses without a registration on our page. Just complete the booking form and you have signed up. However registered user will have a pre-filled form and can share transportation (offer or look for). Your email will not be used for information purposes.


If you wish to receive information about the Centre’s activities, new courses or learn how you could help us (for example with transport for the teacher) and other timely events, enter your email address for our newsletter. That way you become a subscriber to our informational emails.