Types of courses

1. Meditation course with a teacher

Most activities that we organize are meditation retreats with various teachers. Most of them are Buddhist monks but we also have very good experience with lay teachers. The courses are based on vipassana meditation. Some courses might be focused on other Buddhist meditations (metta ai.)The stays may be of various durations. From short five-day retreats, up to intensive three-week courses. The minimum length of a stay is set by the teacher and it usually is seven days. It is fundamental to observe the Centre Rules. More information is in the section Teachers, Scheduled courses and Price List.

2. Self-retreat

We also offer opportunities for independent meditation retreats. The meditating person adheres to her/his program and takes care of her/his food. There is a kitchenette with essential equipment, a fridge, pots and more. Five or eight ethical precepts are observed, depending on the person’s individual decision. In some cases and after agreement we can help with lunches. This type of course is suitable only for advanced meditating persons who already know the essential meditation instructions and have no problem with self-discipline and can meditate independently, without the presence of a teacher. When you use this alternative, you can extend your retreat with the teacher when you come before or stay after the course. Such a stay at our centre is only possible if one follow our Rules for self retreat. This type of stay has financial advantages. See Price list of courses. See the different accommodation possibilities.

3. Inspirational courses

This category contains all other courses organized by us. We would like to bring a wider pallet of courses which helps to understand the everyday life better, or in other way helps to improve your personal life. We are keeping our meditation ambient so we are adding only courses that coincide with our aims. This is the modern mindfulness, yin yoga or qi gong (cchi kung). On these courses one has to observe the rules for inspirational courses.

Note: For all types of stays the organizers reserve their right to permit or refuse a stay. The organizer also has the right to end a stay of a person or groups of persons who fail to observe the Centre Rules, the day schedule or disturb the manner of a course in another way.