Pasada Bhikkhu

Bhante Pasada was born in 1982 in Prague. He studied medicine and worked for 4 years in the field of psychiatry. He came into contact with the Buddha's teachings (Dhamma) during his studies at university. He interrupted his studies for a year and went to Sri Lanka, where he spent half a year in intensive meditation in forest clusters. This experience changed his life. He understood that the path of the Dhamma is a noble path of peace that offers the possibility of liberation from the existential suffering that every human being is inevitably confronted with. After his return from Sri Lanka, he continued to practice medicine, but his heart remained in the silence of a tropical forest on an island in the Indian Ocean. He managed to live without his heart for the next 8 years until finally life itself, as it manifested itself in its unsatisfactoriness and insignificance, made him realize that he had forgotten the most important thing and that life without a heart was meaningless. He ended his career as a doctor and his relationship and in 2012 he left again for Sri Lanka, where he entered the monastic order for the second and final time. For the first few years he stayed in various meditation clusters, still searching for guidance and refuge within himself, until he finally understood that one can never find any true refuge within oneself. Nowadays he lives contentedly alone in a forest cabin in the middle of the wilderness.

The Javorie Centre has invited Bhante Pasada for a traditional 3-month monastic retreat (July - October). During this period he will be available to those who wish to understand the nature of suffering (dukkha) and its cessation (dukkha-nirodha) as taught by the Fully Awakened One (Buddha). Bhante Pasada does not conduct sessions and is not a teacher of Vipassana meditation, has not written any book, has not trained with any known meditation master, nor has he attained enlightenment. He is an ordinary monk. He understands the Buddha's teaching as an authentic life in truth and goodness, the essence of which is to become, not to gain. The path of the Dhamma is the radical abandonment of everything, and where nothing remains there is no room for suffering. Those who wish to enrich and deepen their practice by becoming more familiar with the Buddha's teachings can arrange an individual meditation session with Bhante Pasada. Thanks to his psychiatric experience, there is also an opportunity for those whose spiritual practice is seriously limited by mental illness.

Pasada Bhikkhu
Monk / Lay teacher : monk
Title/Address : Bhante
Tradition : Théraváda
Origin : Czech republic
Communication language : Czech, English