Mae Chee Brigitte

  • Mae Chee Brigitte (MC) is an 8 precept nun ordained in Chachoengsao, Thailand on 4 January 1990
  • Expects to observe: 8 precepts - no solid food after noon but there are exceptions when needed: 5 precepts, or at least 1 precept (not harming oneself and/or others)
  • Daily group questions-and-answers session
  • Possibility of individual interview with the teacher
  • Mindful communication allowed
  • Web-site:

Trained in the burmese Mahasi Sayadaw Tradition for 5 years with most venerable Phra Acharn Thawee Baladhammo, 7 years Thai Forest Theravada tradition (Buddho technique, as practised by the most venerable Phra Acharn Mun and his disciples) with the most venerable Acharn Sangwahn Khemmako.

She started teaching in Thailand in 1992, and started her teaching tours abroad in 2001 (several countries in Asia, Europe, USA, Russia, New Zealand).

Her technique nowadays is what she calls „free-style vipassana“. Techniques are adjusted to the individual abilities and tendencies of the students. MC Brigitte emphazises that Dhamma should be practiced in life. Intensive retreats are useful to strengthen mindfulness but the REAL work has to be done in life.

Her retreats are intensive but also compassionate relaxed. The „right thing, at the right time“ is important to her. In her temple in Thailand and also her retreats abroad she is known for an easy approach of meditation: „Everything is meditation if you understand it“.

Metta - loving kindness and compassion for oneself and others is an important part of the retreats. Also the body contemplation which should help students to reduce attachment to the body and prepairs the mind for unavoidable situations like sickness and death and increases the ablity to keep up mindfulness in such situations.

Videos: With german Regisseur Joerg Dittmar she did a whole range of dhamma videos (free to use):

Books: She did several translation of her teachers´ Dhamma talks and some books on her own (download for free):

She also initiated and supports with the donations she receives abroad a whole range of social projects: see:

  • Child Protection Relief: Supporting the child protection center in Pattaya, a project initiated with the former Ambassador of the Republic of Austria Dr. Johannes Peterlik.
  • Supporting about 160 nuns with monthly „pocketmoney" as nuns are not so well supported as monks are.
  • Supporting the less fortunate people living in the temples area.
  • Supporting children of several poorer families and orphans in Thailand with school fees and school uniforms.
  • Supporting the AIDS temple in Lopburi.
  • Supporting the drug withdrawal temple in Saraburi.
  • Disaster Relief:
    2004 Tsunami - Emergency food distribution and after - building 4 houses and a kindergarden in the South of Thailand.
    2011/2012 Flood Disaster in Thailand - emergency food and medical support for victims. Afterwards, help with repairing houses and supporting those who have lost everything. Medical support with medicines donated by the Austrian Red Cross in connection with the Thai-Austrian Society.

On December 9th, 2009 MC Brigitte was honored by Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn for "Peace-building and Meritorious Deeds Performed unto Humanity".

In March 2009 she received an award on UN International Womans Day „outstanding woman in Buddhism“

MC Brigitte web-site:

Mae Chee Brigitte
Monk/Lay teacher : MC is a Thai nun
Title/Address : Mae Chee Brigitte
Tradition : Thai Theravada
Origin : Austria
Communication language : German, English, Thai
Types of retreats : satipatthana-vipassana, mettá, body contemplation
Schedule : medium