Hannes Huber

Hannes Huber, is an experienced teacher from Austria who has practiced Vipassana Meditation since 1985. His teachers include Godwin Samararatne from Sri Lanka, and Sayadaw U Pandita from Burma, who authorized him to give teachings. He did also an intensive Metta practice with Sayadaw U Indaka in Myanmar. He has training in Psychosynthesis with Sascha Dönges, Switzerland. He offers Vipassana Meditation Retreats internationally, and besides that he is involved in training future MBSR teachers.

His retreats could be described as classical Mahasi Vipassana Retreats. You will develop continuous mindfulness through sitting meditation, walking meditation and in all daily activities . The retreat will be conducted under 8 precepts and in noble silence (except of dhamma talks, group- and personal interviews). The simple schedule of alternating sitting and walking meditation, from morning to evening, contributes to the development and deepening of meditative experience. Once a day progressive meditation instructions will be given. His way of teaching, though based on the tradition of the Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw, is yet presented in a way, that is accessible to the western mentality

Important part of the retreat is a guided Metta/Loving Kindness meditation which helps to open the heart and to learn to relate friendlier to one self and others. Another important part is the personal conversations with the teacher, which allows individual instructions and explanations taking in account the personal experience of each participant.

Hannes Huber
Monk/Lay teacher : Lay
Origin : Austria
Communication language : German, English
Types of retreats : vipassanā
Schedule : medium
Expects to observe : 5 precepts and 8 precepts