Bhante Sujiva

Bhante Sujiva could be called the spiritual father of Javorie meditation centre. He is currently take a long break. We don't know when or if he will teach again.

Bhante is a monk of Chinese-Malaysian origin. He comes from Burmese theravada tradition of Mahasi Sayadaw (main teachers: U Pandita, U Janaka)

He was ordained as a monk shortly after graduation from university in 1975. At the beginning, he was practicing under the guidance of Thai forrest monks (such as Ajahn Phet), later in the Burmese centre of Mahasi Sayadaw under the guidance of Venerable Sayadaw U Pandita. In 1982 he founded Santisukharama, a meditation centre in Malaysia, and stayed there for following 15 years. Since 1996 he is leading meditation retreats abroad - at first in Australia, later in Hong Kong, in New Zealand, in the USA, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, and also in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

He is the author of several books on buddhist meditation and poetry. He is highly respected by his students for the profound understanding of the Buddha-Dhamma and for his deep metta and compassion with all beings.

Bhante Sujiva
Monk / Lay teacher : monk
Title/Address : Bhante (Venerable)
Tradition : theravada
Origin : Malaysia
Communication language : English
Types of retreats : satipatthana-vipassaná, mettá
Schedule : moderate / strict, intensive