Bhante Sujato

Ajahn Sujato is an Australian Monk. In 1994 he left his successful music career to take higher ordination in Thailand in the forest lineage of Ajahn Chah. As well as living for several years in forest monasteries and remote hermitages in Thailand, he spent three years in Bodhinyana Monastery (Perth) as secretary of Ajahn Brahmavamso, and over a year in a cave in Malaysia.

He has combined his love of meditation with study of the Buddha's Teachings, and in 2001 published his first book, "A Swift Pair of Messengers", a compilation of Sutta passages on the theme of tranquillity and insight. He has since published many books. He studies and teaches Buddhist texts from comparative and historical perspectives.

He served as founding Abbot of Santi Forest Monastery from 2003-2012.

He currently resides at Bodhinyana Monastery where he is actively involved with Sutta Central. He teaches in Australia and internationally. His teachers used these words to describe meditation: the yogi calms his mind, which leads to clarity, which leads to insight, which leads to soothing the mind, which leads to calm the mind, which leads to insight, which helps to calm the mind... These two aspects (peace and insight) coworks together.

Using other words it all goes arround Jhana and Insight. Thats the true path to Nibbana, that the Enlighted one described as: "The one who delights in Jhana you can expect four results: stream entry, one return, no return or final liberation". (Pásádika-sutta, DN)

Bhante Sujato
Monk/Lay teacher : Monk
Title/Address : Ajahn
Tradition : Thai, Ajahn Chah
Origin : Australia
Communication language : English
Types of retreats : vipassanā, samatha
Schedule : medium
Expects to observe : 8 precepts