Bhante Gavesi

Bhante Gavesi was ordained by Sayadaw U Pandita of Panditarama in Yangon in the year 2001. In his younger days he was trained in Vipassana Satipatthana mainly by Bhante Sujiva, Sayadaw U Nyanapunnika of Nepal and his preceptor Sayadaw U Pandita. Currently he is the spiritual advisor of Peace House in Penang, Malaysia.

In his retreat, he expects the yogis to observe the 8 precepts except for those with valid medical conditions. This retreat follows the Mahasi tradition therefore yogis are to follow the schedule of 1h walk and 1h sit, although he understood that some yogis or new ones may not be able to do so. Noble silence are to be observed at all times as this will help the hearts and minds to achieve peace and mindfulness.

Interviews will be conducted on alternate basis for seasoned yogis and some new ones. Structured Dhamma lectures will be held every night and a session of Q&A will be held on 2nd last day of the retreat.

He wish that the yogi comes with sincerity in the heart and a burning desire to cultivate the mind.

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Bhante Gavesi
Monk/Lay teacher : monk
Title/Address : bhante (Venerable)
Tradition : theravada
Origin : Malaysia
Communication language : English
Types of retreats : satipatthana-vipassanā
Schedule : strict
Expects to observe : 8 precepts