The Centre rules during a selfretreat

We look at everybody individually so we allow your stay here only after mutual agreement.

  1. Upon your arrival you will sign a contract. You take responsibility for yourself and your mental states and you take responsibility also for eventual material damages caused by you.
  2. Only yogis who attended longer retreats with vipassana meditation teachers are allowed to meditate on they own. It is good to have a recommendation from your teacher that you are suitable for self retreat.
  3. If there is a meditation teacher at Javorie it is compulsory to attend an interview with him at least 1-2 times a week. Exceptions are allowed only by the teacher. The other option is to have your teacher on phone and in case you need an interview you are able to call him/her. If you are accommodated in the lower kuties your are responsible for the kitchen and restrooms.
  4. If you are accommodated in the main building you have to take care of the windows, lights and candles.
  5. You bear the responsibility for eventual damages caused by you.
  6. Access to the internet is allowed only at the first day.
  7. We will broadcast recorded Dhammatalks in the lower meditation hall. The attendance is voluntary, but recommended.

Please do read also our general Rules of the centre. Many of them are valid for self retreat stays.

  • Karma yoga. This is our term for helping in centre. Each yogi helps aprox. 1hour a day with what is needed. You will recieve information upon your arrival. Noble silence and mindfulness is followed even during karma yoga.
  • We do not reccommend to observe fasting during a meditations. Balanced, light food is beneficial for your practise. Exceptions could be granted only by the teacher.

Not observing the rules of the centre, recommendations and tasks from the teacher or the staff might lead to preclusion order from Javorie.