The centre rules during inspirational courses

What are inspiration courses?

This is our new term for clearer picture and better classification of our ever grooving offer of courses. You can read more in Types of courses.

Rules for attendants of these courses:

  1. Observing the five etic precepts (especially no alcohol and smoking only outside of our premises).
  2. We have so called three levels of silence. We observe noble silence on the top floor, on the middle floor we talk only if it is necessary and on the bottom floor we talk if it is meaningful.
  3. Drinking water only is allowed in the rooms.
  4. Please, have your coffee, tea and cookies in the dining room. Please use indoor shoes in the main building. If you practice outdoor and you are barefoot, wash your feet before entering.
  5. Once the course has started, enter the building only through the changing room.
  6. If you are the last person to leave the meditation room at night, please shut all windows, blow out the candles and turn off the light. Please, remember to shut the roof windows for the night and in bad weather also during the day (bathrooms, hallway, library and meditation rooms).
  7. We have a biological waste water treatment unit. For that reason, drop only toilette paper in the toilettes (no dental floss, or hygienic tissues etc.)
  8. Set the radiators to your needs in your room. In summer, excessive heat from the solar panels goes into the radiators. In winter, open the windows and air your rooms reasonably.
  9. Karma yoga. During these kind of courses the helping in the centre is voluntary.If you wish you can help us in the kitchen, cleaning the restrooms, helping with works on the property etc.
  10. Upon your departure please remove the bed linen and bed sheets.
  11. Follow the instruction of the teacher and staff

Not observing these rules, recommendations and tasks from the teacher or the staff might lead to preclusion order from Javorie.