Karma yoga

Our aim is to have a sustainable meditation centre not a luxury hotel. So, from now onwards every yogi will tide up his room/ kuti. The cleanness you leave in them will be the cleanness found by the yogi after you. As it is important to regularly tide up you own mind, so is the tiding up and property work at Javorie a road with no end. The dust starts to settle right after it was wiped. The working meditation is an important part of the practice. In this way we learn how to bring the spirit of mindfulness into our everyday life. That is why we like you to participate on the works at the property and the buildings.

How it will operate?

We will put a list of duties on the board, out of which you may choose one, e.g. helping in the kitchen, cleaning the common areas, cleaning the dining hall, picking up weeds, collecting the hay and other works on the property according the seasonal needs. It should take approx. 60 minutes each day, by each participant.

At the end of the course, before your departure, everybody is required to clean his room/kuti and help with the common areas (hallways, dinning hall, restrooms etc). All information will be given upon your arrival. Even during karmayoga one has to observe noble silence and mindfulness.