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How to get here

1. Car transportation
Javorie can be found in Google maps. Just enter "Javorie" (from foreign IP address probably ‘Javorie meditation centre’) in the search engine or click here. These are the GPS navigation coordinates: N: 48.457366, E: 19.311219

Hlavné orientačné body
The key orientation points include Bratislava (R1) - Zvolen (E58) – Zvolenská Slatina (591) – Vígľaš (591) –Stará Huta (526).
Continue via Stará Huta for about 5 km past the village till you see a board saying JAVORIE next to the road. At the turn from the road you can also see a yellow arrow pointing left.

2. Public transportation
The Javorie complex is amidst a forest in Central Slovakia and it is not directly accessible from public transportation service.
The closest international airport is Vienna (Schwechat). From there take a bus to Bratislava. Then the most convenient way to get here is taking a train or a bus to Zvolen (passenger station, “osobná stanica”). Then take one more bus. The stop closest to Javorie is in the village Stará Huta: (Obecný úrad - OÚ), about 5 km from our Centre. Most weekend services go via Slatinské Lazy (Rázcestie) that is about 15 km from the Centre.

Please, remember: There are very few public transportation services on weekends. We will always come and pick you up at your bus stop. We just need to be notified about your arrival time early enough.

3. Taxi
The taxi fare from Zvolen is about €30. Tell the driver to go to Stará Huta and then instruct him by the instructions in the "Car transportation".